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Guangzhou Tianxin Photoelectric Co. Ltd
Add:#15-1, JinGu Road South, Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, China

Fax:+86 020 36092180

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Enterprise Vision: Casting the corporate brand and creating the glory

of Tianxin.

Enterprise tenet: create value and serve the society. To promote the

development of photovoltaic technology lighting industry, to build

energy-saving, Green, environmentally friendly, beautiful and beautiful

life and continuous efforts to innovate.
Entrepreneurial spirit: unity and dedication, pragmatic and effective,

pioneering and enterprising, surpassing self.
Core values of the company: operating the company and managing life.

Working well, adding Xin is equal to managing a good life, Tianxin

Development That is to say, the development of employees, Tianxin

Optoelectronics is constantly striving to innovate to be the best

optoelectronic enterprise in China. We swear The company advances,

grows with customers, with the most professional technology, the best

products, the most sincere commitment, the most thoughtful The

harmonious development of services realizes self-worth.