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What the advantages of Goldiled Tunable white cob?

What the advantages of Goldiled Tunable white cob?

Company News
2019/04/03 15:52
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Tunable White COB

Many other tunable white COB technologies put LED chips with different CCTs into two segments.  As a result, the light output will have multi-shadow and bad color uniformity out of the luminaire. 



Our method is to pre-mix the two types of LED light output through volume coating of phosphor (same as normal COB t-echnology) to get rid of multi-shadow and provide excellent color uniformity.



Why color uniformity is so important for CCT Tunable COB?


COB is used mainly for spot & track lighting and application includes shop and hotel lighting.  

Light quality from lighting fixture is expected to be similar to traditional

halogen light bulb which has good color uniformit-y and does not have multi-shadow with a reasonable reflector at a lighting fixture.

In addition, CCT Tunable COB product emission area must be similar to single white COB product in order to use the e-xisting optical system in the market to provide narrow beam angle, such as 24° & 36°.